Reach the Affluent

Reach The Upper Two Percent of Affluent Households.

In today’s competitive marketplace, targeting the upper one or two percent of affluent households is crucial. Not only can the well heeled afford your luxury goods and services, but it’s likely they will remain relatively unaffected by the forces of a slumping economy.

Those with ultra high net worth typically have higher educations, travel often, and enjoy a taste for luxury and the good life. These privileged consumers are key prospects for such high-end products and services as:

  • Commercial, recreational and residential real estate properties
  • Resort vacations and travel opportunities
  • Financial offers

Finding Qualified Buyers Through Liquid Net Worth.

In addition to the standard consumer selects that include age, income and geography, our liquid net worth compilation team understands that when purchasing a high net-worth list or database, the most important qualifier is ability to purchase.

That’s why our lists and databases are derived from such influential data as a consumer’s: home, auto, investment portfolio, commercial or rental real estate, trust assets, insurance holdings, retirement plans, general savings, jewelry collections, mutual funds and more. Such key information is then layered against the typical psychographic and demographic information available from other list sources, along with public court records and current census data.

This advanced system of overlaying information from various consumer databases enables Walker Marketing Associates to deliver the strongest leads from each source, guaranteeing the most qualified prospects and quantified results available.

List Counts and Statistics – The Rich Get Richer.

Current statistics reveal that more than five million American households have more than $5 million in liquid net worth. They can afford it all. Can you afford not to reach them? Direct Walker Marketing Associates to target the ultra affluent market, and measure the difference in your ROI.

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